Test Site – calling all guinea pigs

Recently, I have been developing a replacement for the Atlas of South Australia . The old Atlas is looking rather long in the tooth (currently AV-IMS + local shapefiles).

To this end I have set up a test server with ArcIMS 3.1, TomCat 3.x, CF5 and SDE (accessed through SA Govt’s firewall).

Feel free to have a look at the test site. To start a mapping session first select a region, then a category (currently all categories point to a testing mapservice). I would be interested to hear any comments of feedback about the mapping interface (I have not worked much on the site’s start menu interfaces yet).

The box I am using for testing is a very underspeced PC and I have been getting a few “ArcIMS Cold Fusion Extension Error” errors (often a “refresh map” fixes things). The good news is the new rack mounted server has arrived and is waiting for me to configure it. The code basis of the mapping interface – “MiniMapper” – has been running very successfully on my Maps in Minutes application within the SA Govt Intranet for the last 12 months.

Once you have started a map session. There are three levels on interface (Full, Standard – the default, and simple). You can switch between each interface by viewing either mm_full_viewer.cfm, mm_standard_viewer.cfm or mm_simple_viewer.cfm.

Feel free to let me know how you find it – I have successfully tested using IE5-6, Netscape 6.1-7 and Opera 7.


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