Code Release – Flash Satellite Animal Tracking Example

The code for the Flash Based Satellite Animal Tracking and the Spatial Temporal Explorer demo which I showed at MXDU are now available for download online. You need to register first at our portal first simply by entering an e-mail and password (nothing else, no confirmation needed):

Once you have logged in, scroll down to the downloads “portlet” (a bit down the page on screen-left) and enter “Flash” as the Keyword. The search results will then contain both applications. The code is not as elegant as desired, but it works. In actual fact simply registering on our portal and downloading the files will help us out as we can show our “superiors” that people are in fact interested in this type of work. So download today, even if you aren’t going to bother with it.

Please note that this is not a Flash Based GIS, but rather a more simple solution for a specific hard-coded area, and as such this approach can work for data that is not stored as spatial objects — that is, it simply uses straight lat/long numeric coordinates and then the maths are performed for size of the map image. So this type of solution will work for a fixed area and date/time values with numeric coordinates. If you have not seen this application, you can see it here:

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