Github Project - Version 2.5.0
Created & Maintained by Gary Hepting

Responsive Design Made Easy

A responsive HTML5, CSS & Javascript framework created and maintained by Gary Hepting

A Responsive HTML5, CSS
and Javascript Framework

Create scalable, accessible web applications that work on virtually anything.

Grid System

A highly configurable, nestable, fractions-based, responsive & adaptive, fluid grid layout system

Works Everywhere

Works on virtually everything — mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, retina and big screens

Highly Accessible

Built with a focus on accessibility, supporting ARIA state/role and semantic element selectors


Supports semantic markup with ARIA attribute selectors, using Sass' @extend, @mixins, %placeholders & more

Built with Sass

Built from the ground up with Sass, the world's most powerful CSS preprocessor

Write Less, Do more

Keep source code free of vendor prefixes. Autoprefixer is a CSS postprocessor that keeps code future-friendly


Easy to customize, and add your own styles and bolt on additional functionality

Responsive Text

Includes the tools you need to create responsive headings, responsive text blocks and responsive tables

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping and wireframes with dynamic placeholder text, images and fonts

Example Layouts and Documentation

Rapid prototypes and usage examples to get you started.